Planning applications

Planning applications can either be sent to the council as hard copies or through
We usually use the planning portal system as this is a quicker alternative.
The council requires scaled drawings showing the existing and proposed, as well as the appropriate forms.
Some applications may require further information or reports depending on the complexity of the proposal.


Construction & Building Regulation


  • Drawings Any Construction Project
  • Attention to Detail For The Contractor
  • Structural Calculations


Planning for Commercial Services


  • Design & Planning Services For Shops
  • Shop Front Changes
  • Change of Use
  • Internal Layout Plans
  • Licences


Architectural Drawings
{ C A D }

At Detailed Planning we produce detailed architectural drawings and technical drawings
using the latest CAD (computer-aided design) software. In order to produce architectural drawings
it is likely that we will need to carry out a measured survey of the premises.

Land Registry Lease Plans

We commonly are requested to produce lease plans for estate agents, landlords and solicitors.
All lease plans are created to be land registry compliant and sufficient for a lease to be sold.
Our lease plans are created within 1 to 3 working days of the site measure.